6000A Peak Current for Heavy Duty Cranking


Performs at -40F to 150F

Heavy Duty Capacitors with Lifetime Warranty


Recharges in Seconds from Running Vehicle


Light Enough to Carry at 20lbs


No hazardous lead, acid or carcinogens


what do dead batteries cost your fleet?

Did you know that downtime on a single vehicle in a fleet can cost your business as much as $760 per day in lost productivity?

Even jumpstarts themselves can be costly; 3 Case studies from Maxwell Technologies showed that a single jumpstart can cost from $50 to as high as $900. This figure may seem startling but think about the time you spend dragging heavy units through the snow, waiting hours for jump packs to recharge, and calling a second vehicle with jump cables or having to make a service call. Imagine all the lost productivity and expenses that stack up over a year with the number of jumps you are doing with your fleet.

While a lot of fleets use battery equipped jump starters to solve this problem their performance falls short of the rigorous demands required in industrial and transit fleets:

  • Lacking power to start large engines

  • Taking hours to recharge

  • Losing 30-50% of their capacity at 0F

  • Needing replacement every 3-5 years

  • Containing hazardous chemicals such as lead, acid, and carcinogens

Over the years this poor performance continually costs fleet managers like you:

Assuming a 4 year lifetime of a battery pack at an average cost of $350 (average of Truck Pac, Schumaker, and JNC models) over a 20 year period, you would need to get 5 battery pack replacements at $1750. Even if you just use simple AGM battery replacements with a cost of $150 this will cost you $750.

After years of research in the industry, Dr. Peter Bauer from the University of Notre Dame realized that new ultra-capacitor technology can solve a lot of the issues associated with outdated energy storage and delivery devices like batteries.

This is why Maxx Start was created with the mission to keep your fleet moving and increase your productivity by providing powerful, compact, and robust jump starting no matter the challenge.


boosting your productivity