Read What The Users Of Maxx Start Have To Say


Renan Manzerano Technical Service Supervisor AC Transit, CA

"We trialled Maxx Start for 30 days and were impressed with its performance. Our fleet of transit buses is diverse and includes NABI, Van Hool, Gillig, New flyer and El dorado buses. we had no problem starting any of the buses. The nice features of Maxx Start are robust cables, powerful units, portable, & light weight. During the test we did not have any issues, even with a Greyhound MCI bus with 4 completely dead group 31 batteries was jumped easily with Maxx Start." 

Irv Sikorski – Major, Technical Services, University of Notre Dame, Security Police Dept.

"We purchased several Maxx Start units for jumpstarting in the parking lots on campus. The officers like the fact that each pack is lightweight and can be stored in the vehicle without needing to be charged in a building. Until now we have been using quick connectors on our vehicles along with jump leads. These can drag in the dirt and snow and become dirty as well as difficult to store. Maxx Start gets everything started and charges up right away, which is especially handy during the game day rush!"

Scott Treadway - Fleet Operations Manager at City of Charleston, WV

"The City maintains a fleet of 480 vehicles and equipment (light and heavy duty). We bought two Maxx Start DieselStart units. The product is very forward thinking and innovative, it starts even our large diesels in winter. Keep up the good work. "