The Ultimate Jump Pack For Fleet Management

No to costly failed starts.

No to heavy battery packs.

No slow trickle charging.


Maxx Start Users

Cutting Edge Capacitor Technology Without the Drawbacks of Batteries

Maxx Start is an ultracapacitor jump pack specifically engineered for powerful jumpstarting. It uses Patented Ultracapacitors, and was developed by the engineering team at Slipstream.  

The Next Generation in Power

Due to technological advancements, capacitors are set to replace batteries in many applications worldwide.
Read about why capacitors are superior to batteries here. 

Industry Leading Power

6000 amps of cranking current, together with a higher available voltage than any battery based jumpstarter allows the starter motor can crank the engine at higher torque and RPM, increasing the success rate and speed of starting. 

 Fastest Recharge Speed of Any Commercial Jump Pack

Takes only 10-15 seconds to recharge from alternator after the vehicle starts, eliminating time consuming recharge from a 110V outlet. Forget the 12 hour recharge times needed for battery packs.

 Longest Lifespan of Any Commercial Jump Pack

One million maintenance free charges, backed by an eight year comprehensive warranty. You may never need to buy another jump pack.

 Heat/Cold Resistance

With operating temperatures of -40 F to 150F, Maxx Start does not need to be stored in a temperature controlled room like battery based systems.  

Safety and Sustainability

Unlike batteries which contain lead and acid, Maxx Start contains no harmful chemicals or carcinogens, making it safer for users and for the environment.