Frequently Asked Questions

How is Maxx Start different to a battery jump pack?

It is a new and innovative technology for these reasons:

  • It can regulate current output up to 6000+ Amps of peak cranking current (if required during the jump-start)

  • Recharges in seconds from any good auto battery or from the running engine of the vehicle you just jumped

  • Can be stored outdoors as temperature does not affect it

  • Maintenance free for life

  • Good for one million charges or an estimated 15 years of working life, with little to no performance decreases

  • Lead-free and acid-free, unlike batteries which contain dangerous acids and toxic lead, it is safer and more sustainable

What does the 10 year warranty cover? 

The warranty covers manufacturer defects in each Maxx Start. We will replace or repair a malfunctioning unit within ten years of purchase. 

How do I return Maxx Start for a full refund?

Simply contact the Maxx Start team within 100 days of your purchase and we will arrange a hassle free return and refund process. 

How often will I need to replace a Maxx Start unit?

Maxx Start is good for one million charges or an estimated 15 years of working life, with little to no performance decreases. You may never need to buy another jump pack.

Where is Maxx Start made?

Maxx Start was developed in Indiana, specifically for professional automotive technicians by the engineering team at Slipstream. We specialize in  automotive electrical engineering and capacitor technology. All components are sourced withing the USA and all assembly is carried out in Granger, Indiana.

How do you charge Maxx Start?

Each Maxx Start is charged before being packaged and shipped. When a jump start has been successfully completed, Maxx Start will recharge within seconds from the alternator on the running vehicle. Maxx Start can be recharged from any good 12V battery or running engine. 

Can Maxx Start damage my vehicle?

No it will not. Maxx Start is self-regulating for current and will not output more current than is required by the vehicle starter motor. As with any jump-starting device, care must be taken not to reverse polarity (connect the clamps to the wrong poles). Though damage to the vehicle is unlikely if this happens, sparking can occur. 

A 12V Maxx Start will not over-voltage a 12V electrical system because we limited maximum voltage within safe levels for all 12V electrical systems.  Do not connect a 24V Maxx Start to a 12V system. 

Maxx Start did not start a vehicle. Now what?

Maxx Start allows an unlimited number of jump-starts by recharging rapidly from a good battery (use the battery on a running vehicle to recharge for best results).

How should Maxx Start be stored?

Maxx Start holds charge and is not affected by temperature during storage. It does not not need to be kept plugged in while not in use, unlike battery packs. 

What safety features does Maxx Start have?

Maxx Start limits current and voltage to what the starter requires automatically in order to prevent circuit overload or over voltage. 

I have quick connectors on my vehicles, can I choose a quick connector instead of clamps?

Yes! When selecting your Maxx Start, let us know what kind of connector you want and we will be happy to customize for you. 

How long are the cables?

Standard length is 4 ft. If you need a custom length we can customize this for you.